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5 Things Every Well-Dressed Guy Should Have in his Closet

Artvictus community, there’s no doubt about it: spring is on its way! The days are getting warmer, the snow banks are melting, and the local hockey team is fading painfully into oblivion – all signs that spring is just around the corner! And while we spend a lot of time here on our blog talking well dressed for formal occasions like work, weddings and graduations, we don’t spend enough time talking about how a sartorially resplendent gentleman might dress for a more social occasion. Here are five pieces of clothing every fashion-friendly man should have in his closet this spring.

Artvictus - 5 Things Every Well Dressed Guy Should Have in his Closet

  1. Khaki pants – We love the khaki’s in our wardrobe because they’re so versatile. If we’re heading out to a patio to grab some suds then we can pull on our khakis, a solid coloured t-shirt, and a pair of sneakers. If we’re looking to fancy it up a bit, we can opt for a button up shirt and a pair of leather shoes. Either way, our khakis have us covered!
  2. Solid, dark coloured jeans – Okay, hands up those who think they can pull off a pair of skinny jeans? I mean, they might look okay on a skateboard packing teen, but on a well-dressed gentleman like yourself? Hmmm, maybe not so much. But jeans are a staple for every stylish man’s closet, because like their khaki pant cousins, they’re very versatile. Go with a straight leg cut and try and stay away from too much of a faded look.
  3. Navy blazer – Sometimes you have to step what you’re wearing up, but pulling out your two piece suit might be a bit much. The answer? A navy blazer. The versatility trend continues with the blazer because it can be paired with both khaki pants and jeans, but can also be paired with dress pants if you’re taking it up to that level.
  4. Solid white shirt – Every guys closet should contain at least one solid white shirt, and even more than one if you want to cover all of your ‘white shirt’ bases. Add a solid white button up shirt to go under you blazer – and even under your suit. The beauty of a white shirt is that it pretty much matches every colour you might be sporting in the rest of your outfit. For more casual engagements, a solid white t-shirt can be paired with both your khaki pants and jeans, depending on where you’re heading.
  5. Leather shoes – A strong finish for more formal affairs is a pair of nice leather shoes. We’re not talking formal like you’d wear with a suit, but something more formal than your sneakers. Choose something that would go nice with your khaki’s and a white button up shirt, but that won’t look odd if you’re sporting jeans and a dark blazer.


The Final Word

Those are the top five things we think every well-dressed guy should have in his closet as we turn the corner and head into spring. If you do make sure these five pieces of clothing are part of your closet, you’ll have plenty of options no matter how casual or dressy the situation requires.

And in the meantime, if you’re looking for something a little more formal then head over to our shirt designer and treat yourself to a custom fit dress shirt that’s sure to turn heads!

Stay sartorial, Artvictus community.

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