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Fashion 101: All About Plackets on Men’s Dress Shirts

As promised, we’re going to make you the source of fashion knowledge in your circle of friends and colleagues.  We’ll arm you with all sorts of fashion knowledge and information that is sure to impress.

Our topic today is plackets.   What is a placket?  What are the different types of plackets?  Which placket should you choose?  We are so glad you asked and we’re only too happy to answer!


What Is a Placket?

Plackets have historical meanings and apply to several different types of garments, but for today’s men’s dress shirts a placket is the extra piece of fabric down the front of the shirt where the buttons loop through the buttonholes.  The function of the placket is to provide additional support because of the higher levels of stress where the shirt buttons up, but the placket has evolved into a style element, too.

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Different Types of Plackets and Where You’ll See Them

There are three main types of plackets common in today’s men’s dress shirts.


Front Placket

Front PlacketIn a front placket, the extra material of the placket is sewn in front of the shirt material.  The buttons poke through from the back and rest on the front placket.  Typically there is stitching on both sides of the placket to provide additional support.

This is by far the most popular type of placket in North America.  You’re most likely to see the front placket on more casual button-up shirts – the kind you might wear with a pair of slacks.  Front plackets are quite popular on more formal dress shirts, too.



French Placket

French PlacketInstead of having the extra support in front of the shirt material it is sewn in behind.  The additional support of the extra material is still there – you just don’t see it with the French Placket.

The French placket is the de facto standard for European dress shirts.  You’ll also find French plackets on more formal dress shirts in Canada and United States – shirts that would be a perfect complement to a crisp suit and sharp tie during your next meeting with that mega-prospect you’re wooing!



Concealed Placket

Concealed PlacketAs the name indicates the placket is hidden and you don’t actually see the buttons holding the two sides of the shirt together.  There is a rear strip of reinforced material that the buttons loop through and then a front piece of material that cover the buttons.

The Concealed Placket is the global standard for tuxedo shirts, but you’ll also notice it on that black evening dress shirt you’ve been planning to buy so you look as good at the hottest club in town as you do in a board room power meeting.



The Final Word

Now that you’re a venerable expert about plackets, get out there and show off your new-found knowledge!  But before you do, check out our website where you can choose from all the different types of plackets, collars, cuffs and other style elements while customizing a dress shirt tailored just for you!


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