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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Eternal Procrastinator

Guys, it’s the beginning of June which means that Father’s Day is just around the corner (less than three weeks away to be more precise). If you’re the plan-ahead type and you followed the guidance of our “Here’s How to Win Son of the Year Award This Father’s Day” article then the tailored dress shirt for your dad should be arriving any day now. But luckily for you last-minuters out there, we’ve got you covered with an idea that you still have time for to make sure your dad is well taken care of this Father’s Day.

Artvictus - Father's Day gift ideas for the eternal procrastinator


A Gift Your Dad Would Actually Use

Hands up those who’ve been guilty of buying your dad something for Father’s Day that you just know he’s not going to use. Hands up those who’ve bought dad a tie he’s never worn, a novelty t-shirt, a “World’s Best Dad!” mug, barbeque tools (unless he’s truly a bbq junkie), or electronics that he never had any interest in.

Okay, you can all put your hands down now.

The good news is, we’ve got an idea for a gift that he’ll use … and he gets to choose!  Can you say win-win?

Not only do we sell the finest tailored dress shirts in the land, but we also sell gift certificates that can be used to buy the finest dress shirts in the land!

Every dad needs to look good from time to time, so a custom fit dress shirt won’t sit unused in his closet. There’ll be weddings, funerals, graduations, and retirement parties – these are all places where your dad will need to step up his look.

When you give him the gift certificate, he’ll get to head over to our shirt configurator or our shirt collection and customize a dress shirt exactly how he wants it, including choosing the fabric, the size, the buttons, cuffs, collar, pocket and even adding his monogrammed initials, if that’s what he wants.

A few weeks from now his brand spanking new custom fit shirt will arrive in the mail, and you’ll get a second round of appreciation for the old fella!


How to Sell the Gift Certificate

We realize that some dads might shoot you some grief about receiving a gift certificate for Father’s Day, and he might call you out that it’s a last minute gift. And if you are pushing that close to Father’s Day and you’re scrambling for a gift then he might have a point. But you don’t have to concede the point so easily.

If your dad calls you out on giving him a gift certificate and not a more personalized gift, your defense is that you wanted him to have an awesome dress shirt that was truly an expression of how awesome he is (repeated use of the word ‘awesome’ is encouraged so he knows how awesome you think he really is), so only he can really get in touch with that inner awesomeness (see that?) and design a shirt that really mirrors his awesomeness.

Got it? Practice it in front of the mirror a few times, just to make sure. Awesome!

Another thing of beauty about our gift certificates is that we don’t just make the most beautiful tailored dress shirts ever created, but we also have some fantastic ties and other accessories, so even if Dad has a closet full of shirts a gift certificate from Artvictus is still a solid bet.


The Final Word

It’s getting close to Father’s Day, and we’ve still got your covered even if you ignored our previous advice and are doing the last minute scramble for the perfect Father’s Day present. Grab a gift certificate and give your dad a gift that he’ll most certainly use but also reflects the totally awesome guy that he really is.

Stay well dressed and generous, Artvictus men!

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