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Here’s How to Win Son of the Year Award This Father’s Day

Okay, it’s the middle of April and that means that even though you might not realize it, you’ve got a couple of important dates coming up on your calendar. Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 10 – that’s a little more than three weeks away. Father’s Day is just a few weeks after that, on Sunday, June 21. Because we are kind hearted and caring souls here at Artvictus, we thought we’d give you some ideas to help you win this years most coveted Son (or Daughter) of the Year Award!

Artvictus - here's what you should get your dad this Father's Day

What to Get your Mom this Mother’s Day

Admittedly, guys, this isn’t our strongest suit, but we’re going to give it a shot anyway. And as you’ll read later, it’s important to suck up to your mom so she can help you with your dad.

The default gift that most guys end up getting their mom is flowers or chocolates. To be honest, that’s a bit of a lame out, and your mom knows it. Flowers or chocolate take about three seconds of thought and a trip to the closest grocery store, and your mom deserves better than that.

What mom’s love is when you do something that takes time and thought rather than a few minutes and a few dollars. If you want to win your mom over this Mother’s Day, frame a picture of you and your family, or, if you want to make her cry, a picture of you and her when you were young.

Another idea is that you could invite her over and cook a meal for her. Think of what she would like to eat, and don’t make the mistake that just because you love half pound burgers stuffed with cheddar cheese and jalapeno peppers she will, too. Make it about your mom.


What to Get your Dad this Father’s Day

Okay, so mom is on-board because you’ve just proven to her that she’s the best mom ever and you appreciate her dealing with the little s**t disturber you were when you were young.  Now it’s time to take care of dad.

This might blow your mind, but we think a custom fit dress shirt is the ideal gift for your dad this year. Mind blown? Keep reading.

Dad’s always have places to get dressed up for, whether it’s you or your siblings getting married, funerals, graduations, and all sorts of other such events. But for some of our dad’s – as much as we love them – getting dressed up isn’t where they’re most talented.

So, here’s what you need to do. To get your dad an awesome tailored dress shirt you’re going to need his dimensions. This is where mom comes in. Mom’s usually know these types of things, and if she doesn’t then she can grab a shirt from his closet and measure it up for you. Aren’t you glad you’ve got your mom on your side now?

Once you’ve got dad’s dimensions head on over to our shirt configurator and pop them in. If you want you can also choose the fabric, collar, cuffs, placket and pocket, and you can even get fancy by embroidering his initials and choosing from a selection of buttons. If you don’t feel so ambitious then you can instead hit up our shirt collection, where our style experts have preconfigured a bunch of snappy dress shirts and all we need from you is dimensions.

Once the order is placed then you simply have to wait a few weeks and your dad’s shirt will arrive in the mail. But guys, don’t leave this until the last minute because our custom made dress shirts do take time to tailor, so get started on this sooner rather than later.


The Final Word

Mom’s and dad’s are so important and shouldn’t be taken for granted – ask someone who has lost either of their parents. With Mother’s Day just a few weeks away and Father’s Day not far behind, we’ve given you the inside track on how you can pick up the Son (or Daughter) of the Year Award this year.

Stay thankful, Artvictus community.

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