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How to Dress to Make Sure You Rock a Job Interview

It’s getting that time of year when a lot of men start thinking about job interviews. Whether you’re a high school, college or university student looking for a job for when you graduate, or you’re already a veteran of the work force and are looking to move up in the world, making sure you’re dressed right is a necessity if you’re going to rock a job interview.

Artvictus - getting ready for a job interview? Follow these tips on how to dress and rock that mother!

Here are some basics every man should know about how to dress for a job interview:

Start with a Dark Suit

The foundation of a good looking man in a suit is a dark suit, and nothing says power player in the business world like dark blue pinstripes or charcoal grey. Black is also a solid bet, but dark blue and dark grey suits have a certain something about them that tell the world that you mean business.

Be sure that your suit fits you properly and is ironed. There’s nothing that can set a bad first example like a wrinkled frumpy suit.

Add a Solid Coloured Shirt

Underneath your suit you should go with a solid colour shirt. Patterns are okay once you’ve got the job, but you don’t want your shirt to be the focal point during the interview.

If you want to give a calm been-there-done-that impression in your job interview (even if you’re quivering like a leaf inside!) go with a white boardroom shirt if you’re sporting a charcoal grey suit, or opt for a classic Oxford shirt if chose to go for the power styles of dark blue pinstripes.


Once you’re off to a good start with a strong dark suit and a solid coloured shirt, it’s time to add some sizzle! A necktie is a must for any type of professional job interview, but don’t get too carried away with your choice of tie. A solid colour is okay but you don’t want to come off as too serious, so add a patterned tie that complements your suit.

And a word of caution about ties if you’re wearing a pinstripes: be careful not to get a patterned tie that clashes with your suit! Don’t get a tie that has a vertical lined pattern, it’ll look weird next to your vertically pinstriped suit. Check out ties that have a round or wavy pattern.

If you want to take things to the next level, maybe even consider adding some cufflinks or a pocket square. But be careful not to come off too pompous – nobody likes a show-off, and that includes the interviewer.

Finish with Shiny Shoes

Your GQ look won’t be complete without the right pair of shoes, so don’t cheap out on old or scuffed shoes. Black shoes are always a safe bet because they’re very versatile and match most suit colours, but if you want to get adventurous try a tan or burgundy coloured shoe.

Whatever colour shoe you settle on, always make sure your shoes are clean and freshly polished before you head out the door to your interview – there’s nothing that can spoil the look of a bespoke gentleman like scuffed up shoes!


The Final Word

First impressions go a long way in a job interview, so if you’re looking to enter the work force or take your career to the next level then you simply have to look good! Start with a dark suit, add a solid coloured shirt, throw on some accessories for style and finish your look with a good pair of polished shoes. You’ll look that part and be on your way to landing the perfect job!

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