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Shirt Fabric Weaves Every Well Dressed Man Should Know

Okay, you’re well dressed – we get that. You want a shirt that is tailored to your body size and shape, you want the colour you want, you want the finishes that you want. You don’t mind paying a premium for a custom tailored dress shirt because it makes you look and feel great. But don’t let your sartorial ways stop with looking good – walk the walk of being well-dressed by being able to talk the talk about the finer weaves of dress shirt fabrics.

Artvictus - what a sartorial man needs to know about dress shirt fabrics


There are a bunch of different fabric weaves that dress shirts can come in, but here are the four most common:



Artvictus - the simplest dress shirt fabric is poplin weavePoplin is the simplest type of fabric weave. It has a plain weave – threads of cotton or woven under and over each other in a very simple fashion, producing a flat textured fabric.

Poplin is the most common fabric used to make dress shirts and is commonly referred to as “shirting” fabric.

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Artvictus - the Oxford weave is common in men's dress shirtsThe Oxford weave is fancier than the Poplin because it has a basketweave structure that gives the resulting fabric a richer texture and some depth.

The Oxford weave is used in its namesake classic Oxford shirt, but this type of weave is also used in other shirt fabrics, too.

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Artvictus - broadcloth weave is denser fabric for tailored dress shirtsIf you’re looking for a more dense fabric, you might be thinking a broadcloth weave. Broadcloth fabric doesn’t get its density from a more dense weave of cotton, in fact it’s quite the opposite: the cotton is woven wider than other weaves but then the resulting fabric is heavily milled and reduced to the final denser fabric.

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Artvictus - twill fabric has a diagonal texture and adds depth to men's dress shirtsThe twill weave features threads of cotton interlaced in different directions and in different patterns. For example, a 2/2 twill pattern has a repeating pattern of two threads of cotton going over top of two perpendicular threads and then under two threads. A 3/1 pattern has three threads looping over and under individual perpendicular threads. The resulting fabric has a diagonal texture with the width and slope of the pattern depending on the twill structure.

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If you’re particular about the type of fabric used to make your tailored dress shirts, head on over to our shirt designer and customize a shirt exactly how you want it, or check out our pre-loaded shirts in our collection.


The Final Word

Looking good is one thing, but understanding why your tailored dress shirt looks great is another. If you’re sporting a custom fit dress shirt, people are probably going to comment on how nice it is, so be ready to wow them with your intimate knowledge of the characteristics about your shirt, including the weave and structure of the fabric.

Stay well dressed, Artvictus men.

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