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Should You Wear Short Sleeve Shirts to the Office?

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As we bid adieu to another great summer and welcome in the cooler temperatures and shorter days, it’s a good time recollect on the fashions we bore witness to while living life to its fullest.  While summer was filled with outdoor patios, pool parties with delightful barbeques and good times with good friends, it did have one downside: too many times we saw a general disregard for fashion such as socks and sandals, dress pants with too-casual shoes and wrinkled dress shirts that really should be ironed.  Summer was also the season of short sleeved shirts so we thought we’d give our humble opinion on where short sleeved shirts fit in today’s fashion picture.


Short Sleeves Around Town

Unless you work somewhere fashion-forward thinking, short sleeve shirts should be kept out of the workplace and reserved for more casual settings.  Short sleeved shirts can look great with a nice pair of boot fit jeans or chinos while meeting friends at a bar, sitting out on a patio enjoying a cold brew or enjoying an espresso at your local cafe.

Short sleeves are OK in a social setting

Short sleeves are OK in a social setting


Short Sleeves at the Office

Short sleeves at work must definitely be approached with more caution.  A short sleeve shirt with dress pants can look so wrong so fast.  First and foremost, unless you’re going for the still-living-at-home-in-your-parents-basement look, you should never wear a tie with a short sleeve shirt.  Never.

Second, while our friends over at GQ even go as far as claiming that there is no such thing as a short-sleeve dress shirt we’re not ready to go quite that far.  We will, however, say that if you are going to take a chance on pairing a short sleeve shirt with dress pants at the office, you should go with a solid color or conservative pattern and a slim fit in both the body and sleeves.  You don’t want it to look baggy and you certainly don’t want the sleeves flaring out of control.


The Final Word

At Artvictus, we pride ourselves on providing the best in tailor made shirts, ties and accessories to some of the sharpest dressed go-getters around.  While we love all sorts of different styles, when it comes to short sleeve shirts we think it’s just better to err on the side of caution and not wear short sleeve shirts to work.  As Cary Grant once said, “If I want to wear short sleeves, I just roll them up.”


If you’re looking to add a custom tailored dress shirt to your wardrobe so you’re making the right kind of statement at the office, head over to our website and configure a shirt that’s just right for you!


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