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The Blue Oxford Shirt – An American Classic

Welcome back to Threads Count!, the blog for Artvictus.  In our on-going quest to make you as knowledgeable about fashion as you are good looking in our tailored shirts, ties and accessories we’re going to talk about a shirt style that is as American as apple pie or burgers and fries: the blue Oxford shirt.


A hundred years ago, there was no such thing as a standard off-the-rack shirt.  The only shirts that you could buy were tailor-made.  Gentlemen of the day would go to a shirt maker, select a fabric and have their measurements taken, and then return several weeks later to pick up their custom made shirt.


That all changed toward the end of the 19th century, when tailors realized that they could produce higher volumes of the most common sizes and patterns for a much lower cost.  In 1896, Brooks Brothers first introduced the blue Oxford shirt.  Today it is the go-to shirt for any business setting: it goes nicely with a pair of slacks for a regular day at the office but can also be paired with a sharp tie and suit for a power business meeting.  It’s also very versatile in what colours it can be matched with, going well with brown, black, charcoal grey and even a darker shade of blue.

An Oxford blue shirt goes well with a tie

An Oxford blue shirt goes well with a tie


Let’s take a minute to take a closer look at this American classic.


The shirt fabric features an Oxford weave pattern.  The Oxford weave dates back to England in the late 19th century and consists of pairs of white threads cross-threaded against a coloured thread, in this case blue.  The end result is a basket weave appearance that gives the shirt material a rich texture.

Oxford weave shirt - small


The shirt typically features a classic button-down collar, long sleeves with rounded cuffs and a standard placket.  The shirt may or may not include a breast pocket – shirts without breast pockets are generally thought to be more formal than their pocketed counterparts.


The colour of the blue Oxford shirt also compliments the skin tones of almost every man.  Whereas other colours, such as white, can make fair skinned men look paler than they actually are, blue is a much more forgiving colour.


The Final Word

The blue Oxford shirt is an American classic and can usually be found in great abundance in the workplace.  The shirt style dates back over 100 years but owes its popularity to its wide-ranging versatility.


If you’re looking to add a custom tailored dress shirt to your wardrobe so you’re making the right kind of statement at the office, head over to our website and configure a shirt that’s just right for you!


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