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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Well Dressed Man

Ok, guys, we’re going to switch gears here a little bit and write this article for all the lovely ladies out there who put up with us on a daily basis.  So guys, we’re going to ask you to stop reading here.  If you haven’t already, check out our article on the snappy dressing of Henrik Lundqvist or maybe check out our article on the American classic blue Oxford shirt.  And guys, no peeking!




What to Get Your Man This Valentine’s Day

So ladies, now that we’ve got those pesky guys out of the way, let’s get down to business:  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  While we all know Valentine’s Day is all about taking care of you ladies, wouldn’t it be nice to get something really nice for that special man in your life this year?


You guessed it, we’re going to humbly suggest that a nice tailored dress shirt would be a perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.  Yes, we’re probably a little biased in suggesting that, but we really get amped when it comes to custom made dress shirts.


To size a dress shirt perfectly, you need to know some things like the neck, chest, sleeves and back measurements.  If you have these measurements then you’re good to go, but if you don’t then we’ve come up with a couple of ways you might be able to get what you need.


How to Get the Measurements You Need

To customize a dress shirt you need to know your man’s neck, chest, left and right sleeve and back measurements.  How are you going to go about getting them?


Well, maybe you’ve already got those measurements, in which case head on over to our configurator and get cracking on ordering up a beautiful tailored dress shirt that your man will look like a million bucks in.


If you don’t have his measurements, you could ask.  Sure, he’d have a good idea of what you’re up to, but you could still surprise him with one of the awesome fabrics you can choose from, or the different placket, cuff or monogramming options.


If you want to keep the whole thing a surprise here’s what you can do:  While your guy is out of the house, grab a measuring tape and one of his shirts and start taking measurements.  Check out our video on how to take the appropriate measurements and simply measure up one of his existing shirts.  The neck, sleeves and back are pretty straight forward, but you’ll want to be a bit careful on the chest measurement.


With measurements in hand, head over to our shirt configurator or choose one of the shirts featured in our Look Book and customize a dress shirt for you love puppy.  Then sit back and watch the look of delight on his face as he unwraps his swanky new threads!


For the Peekers

Alright, fellas, if you’re reading this we know you didn’t heed our request for no peeking.  That’s OK – there’s nothing wrong with a little curiosity unless you’re a cat.  Wouldn’t a sharp custom fit dress shirt hit the spot this Valentine’s Day?  Try dropping some subtle hints, like emailing her a link to this article, sharing it on your Facebook page, or leaving this page open on your computer when your lady is roaming about.  Or just ask her – that’d work, too.


The Final Word

A snappy tailored shirt is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift this year, so ladies head on over to our configurator or choose one of the pre-set configurations in our Collection and let’s get started.


Guys, if you’d like to add a perfect custom fit dress shirt to your closet this Valentine’s Day you better get started dropping some serious hints.

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