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Welcome to Threads Count!

Welcome to Threads Count, the blog for Artvictus!



Who We Are

Artvictus is a Toronto based made-to-measure men’s dress shirts supply company.  We provide nothing but the finest tailored shirts to professional men who understand how important looking good really is.  Our website makes it easy to customize a dress shirt to suit your unique style and size it perfectly to fit your body.  We even offer some great accessories to compliment your look.


About Threads Count!

Our blog, Threads Count!, will be updated on a regular basis with content that we hope will aspire, inform, amuse and even occasionally bemuse.  We’ll keep an eye on the latest fashion trends – both on the social and professional scene – and let you know what’s trending.  And yes, in case you’re wondering Threads Count! is an intentional play on words that shows how much of a difference wearing great clothes can really make.

Our blog will also make you a connoisseur of fine clothing: we’ll provide a steady flow of posts about the technical side of clothes so you’ll know which placket is appropriate when you’re heading out to hang with your friends at a club downtown and which one you should choose for that killer client meeting that is fast approaching.  It won’t just be about shirts, though, we’ll make sure your knowledge of how you should dress is as well rounded as you are.  You’ll be able to impress your friends and colleagues and you don’t even have to give us any credit!


Made in Canada

We’re also going to celebrate Canada, our home and native land!  All of our tailored shirts are manufactured right here in Canada, crafted by the finest tailors using the best materials.  We’ll regularly feature other Canadian movers and shakers: entrepreneurs who are making headlines, companies creating world-class products, and “Made in Canada” celebrities shining on the world stage.

Make sure you check in on a regular basis and see what’s new on our website and our blog.  We’ll regularly add new products to the website and we’ll keep a steady flow of engaging content running on the blog.  Better yet, get ahead of the curve by signing up for our RSS feed so that our posts hit your inbox as soon as they’re released.


Thank you for stopping by! Now get out there and make your mark on the world, but before you do visit our online store and customize a shirt so you look splendid while doing so!


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